Rehabilitation program mission


It is our belief that if you are unable to manage at home safely following hospitalization, you can benefit from inpatient rehabilitation. Together we will foster your independence and improve your quality of life. Respecting your individuality guides all our interventions.

Our rehabilitation process is geared towards an early, safe re-integration into the community, with family support and other ongoing or interim services. We encourage you to participate in goal-setting with your caregivers, as we want to empower you during your rehabilitation process.

Our philosophy of care and clinical approach are communicated on an ongoing basis with other health care facilities and institutions within our health network, ensuring a continuum in your rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Objectives:

  • Provide you and your family with support during hospitalization;
  • Prepare you for a safe return home or help you plan for alternate living arrangements;
  • Foster a partnership between you and your caregivers during your treatment;
  • Ensure that you have a safe home environment once discharged;
  • Optimize your independence in daily and domestic living activities;
  • Ensure your rehabilitation continuum as an outpatient, if required.

In-Patient Rehabilitation Programs:

Our mission is to provide you with moderate to intensive rehabilitation, with an interdisciplinary approach in the following programs:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation;
  • Multisystemic rehabilition;
  • Geriatric rehabilitation; and
  • Post-acute rehabilitation.

Our programs aim at helping you regain your independence and prepare your return to the community as soon as possible. Everyone comes with unique rehabilitation needs. For some, inpatient therapy is only the start of your rehabilitation journey and they will continue their progress at home with outpatient therapy. For others, your objectives are focused at improving your level of function and you may need to adjust to an alternative assisted living arrangement.

Out-patient Rehabilitation Program:

If your care needs can be met at home, you will return home and complete your rehab goals at our outpatient rehab clinic. Our mission is to provide you with access to rehabilitation services when residing at home.

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